Thursday, September 20, 2007

SANS Network Security 2007 (Pre-Conference)

So, I just booked my limo ride to the airport for Sunday. I'm heading to Las Vegas for the SANS Network Security 2007 conference. Should be pretty fun. I haven't been to Vegas for more than 20 years. At least I can gamble without getting caught by the authorities this time around. Of course, I was only 8 or so last time, so I didn't know any better.

I'll be attending the Securing Critical Web Applications and Web Services class. Although I'm already fairly knowledgeable on the subject matter, it will be nice to get some hands-on experience in a more intensive environment. Since the class is 9-5 Monday through Thursday, I'll have my evenings free. Unfortunately, my company isn't sending anybody else, but I'm planning to keep myself occupied wandering around the strip and taking photos to post here on my blog.

Let me know if there's some place/thing/food I absolutely must see/do/eat and check back next week for more posts.