Friday, January 23, 2009


Two posts on the same day! I just wanted to share some of my woodworking project photos available on Flickr ( For whatever reasons, I just never adjusted the security settings to open these to the public as all my photos are limited to friends and family viewing. I also have a couple of projects in the works. So, check back in if you're interested.

This is the home theater I built in my previous house a few years back.

Theater Final by cmaterick.


Finally on CodePlex

As demonstrated by my lack of blogging this past year, things have been pretty busy. I suppose that's just what happens when you've got a job, wife and kids, a house with things to fix, and a mild obsession with home automation and audio distribution that eats up all your free time.

This post is just to mention that, of all the little .NET programs I've written over the past few years, I finally have one that I think may really be useful to other folks. It's been my goal to get an open source project up on CodePlex, and now I have ( The name, MediaManipulator, isn't all that creative, I know. However, the tool is quite useful. It can do a couple different things including embedding your hi-resolution cover art from iTunes into your audio files (while alerting you of issues like missing music and artwork) and exporting playlists from iTunes while sorting the contents according to your specifications (artist, song name, etc.). Please check it out and let me know what you think. The code is tidy, but there's not a ton of commenting at this point. I have a few updates in mind for the next time I find a couple free hours.