Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thumbs Up To Seagate and Total Commander

I just wanted to take the opportunity to give a big thumbs up to Seagate. I recently sent in a 400GB drive that was maybe 18 months old for warranty replacement due to some SmartDisk errors I was getting. Yesterday, the UPS guy dropped of a 750GB drive that they sent me in return. Always nice to get a free upgrade, and I needed another 750 for one of my NAS boxes. So, it worked out perfectly. Thanks, Seagate!

So, I somehow managed to configure the RAID level wrong on said NAS. So, to add the new drive, I had to rebuild the whole thing. That meant transferring a few hundred GB of files off and then back on to the NAS. In trying to perform this task through Vista, it was constantly stuck for up to 10 minutes just analyzing and trying to determine the time remaining. When it finally did start copying the files, it was extremely slow with remaining time measured in days (up to 17 at one point) instead of hours, and this was with a folder containing only 1.9GB or so. In an effort to avoid using Vista for these large file transfers, I did a search and found Total Commander. I'm still in the process of moving files, but it took little time (maybe 10 seconds) to analyze the same folder and only 25 minutes or so to transfer the files. If this ability exists, why does the file management functionality in Vista need to be so bloated and slow? At any rate, I highly recommend Total Commander even though the interface isn't great. It does exactly what I wanted and does it well. That's good enough for me.

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