Sunday, June 3, 2007

TechEd 1

Hey, all. Well, I'm down here in Orlando for TechEd. Actually, my friend, Todd, and I flew in late last night. So, if I'm doing daily postings, then I guess I owe two tonight. :) The trip down here was a little bit of an adventure. Since there has been a tropical storm passing through here, we departed an hour or so late and the flight got pretty bumpy as we approached Florida. Not really a big deal, though. Apparently, there must only be one guy working the late night shift at Orlando International because it took over an hour for our luggage to get from the plane to the carousel. I suppose we can just be happy that nothing got lost or broken. All in all, we were just happy to get here. We made it to the Dolphin hotel around 1:00 AM and ended up splitting a pizza in the all-night cafeteria before heading to our respective rooms for a couple hours of sleep. It's really not as bad as I make it sound. I'm mainly just trying to make an excuse for not posting last night. :) Here are a couple of really "exciting" photos from our travels.

Todd waits for the monorail to get from our terminal at the Orlando airport to the main terminal. In Orlando, the rides start right after you get off the plane! :)

That's me waiting "patiently" for my luggage. Interestingly, Todd's bag was the very first one out from our flight. I'm not sure what the odds are on that.

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