Tuesday, June 5, 2007

TechEd 4.5 (Tuesday, 6/5)

I just had to add a special post to complain about the fact that Microsoft isn't making the slides available BEFORE the presentations. For those of us running OneNote 2007, it works really well to print the slides into OneNote, follow along, and type or pen (with a tablet pc) notes right on the slides. Maybe they'll learn some day. OneNote is their software, after all. I've requested this maybe 6 times over the last couple months. They actually had links to all the slides on Sunday at the TechEd site, but they didn't work. Then, the links were gone until this morning. Now that they've showed-up again, there are only a few. It seems like maybe they are only posting them after the session, but I can't understand why they would take that approach.

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