Tuesday, June 5, 2007

TechEd 4 (Tuesday, 6/5)

I have to start off tonight's post by apologizing for the low quality of many of my pictures. I'm not much of a photographer, and I've been using a Canon SD900 which apparently doesn't do very well in low light. Although, Todd pointed out that I should put it in manual mode and mess with the settings. I just haven't had the time. Anyway...

I take back any degree of cockiness about getting swag that came through in my post from last night. Todd and I bumped into a guy today who had just picked up his 7th hat and 37th t-shirt. That's just ridiculous!

The sessions I attended today covered custom Windows Presentation Foundation controls, service-oriented architecture, coding standards, VB.NET tips and tricks for Visual Studio 2008, and using XML in SQL Server 2005. On the whole, they were much better than those from yesterday. The coding standards meeting was fun because it was what Microsoft calls a Birds of a Feather session. Basically, it just means that it's an interactive discussion instead of a monologue. I think I ended up talking almost as much as the moderator. Oddly enough, though, the best session of the day also contained the least technical content. Juval Lowy from IDesign talked about service oriented architecture, and he is a very good presenter.

The session should be available soon as an on-demand webcast from Microsoft. Everything he suggested about the way projects should be architected, staffed, and managed made sense, but I'm not sure how achievable it all is in the real world. Definitely worth working towards, though.

After the sessions, Todd and I made our way over to Epcot.

It's not the most exciting park, but it was the only one with late hours tonight. At this point, the rides go something like, "Now, we'll take a look into the future - all the way to the year 1995...". We just went on Test Track and then headed over to Morroco for a decent but overpriced dinner. Turns out there was entertainment as well (see below). The next two nights should be much improved. Tomorrow is MGM studios and Thursday is the Microsoft party at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure with free food, drinks, and rides only for TechEd attendees!

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